Monday, March 5, 2012

Thomas says American women are manipulative

Thomas from Colorado writes:

I love how so many of these arguments by American girls are nothing but manipulative turntable tactics. That's exactly the issue here. American women gain "equality" and the VAST majority do nothing but abuse it with all sorts of underhanded techniques. I mean, how can these American women justify other women cheating and claim "good for them for finding someone better than you" to the person who got wronged or "you must've been doing something to deserve it"? IT'S CHEATING! WHAT THE HELL KIND OF STUPID IDIOT ARE YOU?? I know what it is. You're not stupid. You're abusive selfish whores who resort to manipulation when you're cornered! Cause you know damn well that if they found someone better, they should've never cheated but instead have MOVED ON like any DECENT HUMAN BEING WOULD DO, or that this guy never got cheated on until 3 American women in a row. And btw, "look at yourself, you chose them" is another RETARDED argument at best. He ALSO chose all the other women that DIDN'T cheat but you CHOOSE to IGNORE that! Yeah, I get it... focus on the only factor that remained constant and blame it on that instead of the one that proved to be the catalyst. Why? Because THEY HAD A CASE. All you could resort to were personal attacks cause you had nothing else!  YOU MANIPULATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN ONLY PROVE THEM RIGHT. DO YOU EVEN REALIZE THAT?!?

Stop acting like you're God's gift to men. Oh, and you men stop worshipping them. It's pathetic. (This post is not directed at the few decent American girls who might have chimed in or stumbled upon this reply) Now, feel free to continue resorting to your scum-moves. Maybe say something like, "You must get no dates from American girls huh?" cause that's all you do anyways. Pfft.