Sunday, March 11, 2012

Boycott American women and go foreign!

Jason from Iowa writes:

Because girls that were born in other cultures when looking for a commitment don't have in the back of their minds that if it doesn't work out, they can take half of everything you have, plus child support, plus possible alimony (if you are married for over 10 years.) American women know the game all too well.

I have been in many countries. I have to agree that compared to women from other parts of the American Women are stuck up and snotty. I have dated women from many countries, and they insisted on paying their own way for dinner, movies and whatever else. American women almost expect for a man to pay for everything, or else he is going to be alone. American women also have to be impressed by a man before she even has a bit of interest in him. In most countries outside of the United States, women will actually hit on you if they like you. You will very rarely see this in America. It is not really their fault, it is due to how girls are raised, but I have to agree that American women are not worth the time and agravation. If you have ever visited another country, you will see that the women from most other countries are far more enjoyable than American women. American women are for the most part too superficial and shallow. The best relationships that I have ever had were with women from outside of the United States. I really don't blame American women for their lack of human gravity, it is how American girls are raised from childhood.