Monday, March 19, 2012

American women have unrealistic expectations

Edward from Idaho writes:

I see most American women below the age of 40+ as having unrealistic expectations, bitter, angry, extreme emotional and mental problems, unpredictable behaviour, difficult to be around and just have a plain old good time with, difficult to please, moods that vacillate constantly......taking exorbant amounts of medication, not able to keep a goal in mind and complete it, complain and nag, highly negative and far too masculine in my humble too much, enjoy fast food far too much, expect for the guy to pay everything, base most of their joys on going out clubbing, purchasing clothes, and finally: status. Most of them invest a lot of effort into making themselves appear pretty, special, and different than other females, but it is completely transparent. The modern American female is an empty shell of a human being, and apparently there are few exceptions. PS: Most of them act like they are freakin' 15 years old.