Sunday, January 29, 2012

American men are very lucky

Caleb Grant from California writes:

Us American guys are so lucky as we have the whole world to choose from.

American women are not so lucky, you see women will not date or marry down. So a guy from a poorer country will be repulsive to an American woman. She sure is not going to rescue him from his life of poverty and hard labor. Not a chance in hell of that happening. Women are very selfish. A guy does not have this prejudice, he will have no problem if a girl comes from a poorer background. And she will be able to send some money back home to help her family all because an American guy took an interest in her and takes care of her. You never hear of this happening the other way around, an American woman will go for a guy from another that has more money than her, but most of the world is poorer than the average American so an American woman will be prejudiced against any guy that is from a less wealthy country, he will have no chance with her. Like I said women are totally selfish, they will complain and try to stop American guys seeking higher quality mates but there real motives are more like if I am unhappy your going to be miserable too.

As we all know the reason this is happening is because of the way feminism has had such a devastating effect on American women, making them so repulsive to men. So guys seek better women from other parts of the world.