Friday, December 9, 2011

Mark says American women are too materialistic

Mark from Kentucky says:

Dare I say, That American women will want your son to be circumcised--Foreign women don't go for that s@#t. Foreign women are far superior, and less superstitious than American women.

When I was dating American women, it never took long for them to ask about my material possessions and monetary status. My wife never asked about any of that, not once! She still, to this day, is not concerned about any of that. She demands one thing, and one thing only. Unconditional love, which I gladly give, and recieve. When I finally let her in on my financial status and such, she said "Whatever you have is fine for me.", and "I did not marry your money, your house, your car. I married you!" How's that for a REAL woman? A woman that loves me, not my "stuff". A woman I will have until death.