Sunday, December 11, 2011

American women are dehumanized

Patrick from Alabama said:

American men who seek out foreign women are usually very intelligent, successful, independent, and have no illusions. It is Americanised Women who have dismissed the notion that American Men are real human beings, and in doing so they have dehumanised themselves to a large extent. There are differences between people, and women, in other cultures, and seeking out a mate from a culture that isn't as toxic or messed up as the USA's with regards to dating, marriage and family is a wise choice. Your attempts at dissuasion shall not succeed. The men are looking elsewhere. It is not surprising that you would move to America, where women have superannuated rights to men, and then do exactly what American Women have done for 30 years - namely, shame the men into not seeking out a foreign wife. To you women, America is a dream. You get whatever you want and you have rights that supersede those of men. To the men, it is a prison. Earning large sums of money and possessing material toys and possessions is useless if your interpersonal relationships suffer due to the materialistic nature of the American woman. I have proved my point.