Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lose some weight, American ladies!

Jerry from Minnesota writes:

I agree with this topic, i think American Women, when compared to the rest of the world, are the most laziest in appearance... they dress down to their Pajamas when they go out, they get really fat maybe thats all that fits... They hardly wear makeup, or heels, they smell and dont shower. I was born here, and i get constant putdowns and dirty looks when i get dressed up and wear a little makeup. I find that this country is on a bad road of acceptance of ugly and fat women. They are not cute, they should not be equals to women who are gorgeus and slim... women who work hard at looking good.

If you are lazy and ugly then you should not be so sensitive when you are put down. Hose your self off, lose those extra 50 pounds wear some makeup and get some self-respect and self-esteem, work your ass off and have some dignity. Dont give others a reason to pick on you. Its not attractive being fat, it looks awful and its harmful for your health. STOP, eating mcdonalds everyday for breakfast, LADIES! please take a good long hard look at your selves and do something about this. I don't think we should be defending this harmful lifestyle. We should not be so accepting of fat women who think they are hot. YOUR NOT HOT, YOUR FAT, YOU FATTY FATTY. LOSE SOME WEIGHT!