Tuesday, November 15, 2011

John says Do not marry an American woman of any race!

John in California says:

The sickness of feminism has made American women ugly. Ugliness is the mark of feminism, the scar left on women unlucky enough to be its victim. How can a women ever be beautiful after this infection? By deciding to be a women again and sever her man as a woman should. Some women have been tricked into seeing themselves as beautiful because of feminism, but this is a lie.

My dear American women, you need to understand that during these enlightened times, more American men just don't want American women anymore. I agree, in general, American women are not very bright. In fact, all these broads just showed everyone how intellectually challenged they are. I mean, who wants weak and stupid American women? Like you, I am going for the foreign girls! Asian women rock!!!! I also hear that compared to American women, foreign women are less likely to file for a divorce. Anyone aware of any recent studies that were done on this issue? Yeah, I agree with you, bud, I think the presence of many feminist pigs here is rather a turn off for many American (and Canadian) men. Like they say, "go East, young man". I don't need a study. It is true. The American woman has been exposed for what she is. Their days of dominating the marriage are dwindling rapidly. The word is out: DO NOT MARRY AN AMERICAN WOMAN OF ANY RACE!