Saturday, November 5, 2011

American women are gross says Canadian man

John from Canada writes:

Yeah. It's true. I am from Canada but had the horrible experience of living in the USA for 5 years. American women are gross. I always wondered why so many of my ex-girlfriends would yack on and on about how the guys are so aggressive in the USA when they visit and why all these models/actresses are from Canada. After living there I know precisely why. Attractive women in America are so rare, it's ridiculous. The only exceptions are places with lots of foriegners like NY and Miami. But generally, US women are so overweight and somehow they are capable of retaining average to good-looking men, despite their atrocious looks and crass mannerisms. I feel sorry for American guy. But I tell every single woman in Canada, complaining about a lack of men, to go to the USA. Even a fat women can get a decent-looking man.