Wednesday, October 5, 2011

European women LOVE American men

Lannette from Sweden writes:

I am a Scandinavian woman... I think that we actually make a good match for American men in that our men don't usually know how to be charming or manly. They are too often wimps and never want to commit to women, because they are so used to attractive women being around that their egos are super inflated and think there will always be the next girl.vWhen American men visit Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland, they generally are amazed at how beautiful the women are. The women are also genuinely attracted to American men, because they are SUCH GREAT GUYS!!! NOT, because we need them to get us out of poverty, or our otherwise rescue us from our miserable existence and bring us to the US to live "free." We don't take great guys like that for granted because we don't have them at home.vHaving lived in America on and off for 15 years I think that American women (just like the Scandinavian men do women) take their guys for granted, and treat them horribly. Of course not all the time, but as a general feel that I get by what I see, or hear by other men. I mean, even something as simple as men paying for the date: I don't expect that, but I find gentlemanly behavior very sweet, and try to be equally charming and feminine in return :) American women tend to be OFFENDED if men don't pay for everything, even if the guy is in college or something. I do think that there is a higher sense of the guy being expected to perform at a much higher level than the women are.