Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Balkan man boycotts American women

Ravish from the Balkans says:

i am eastern european man (balkan) and she is right women in America wants to be a man and that is biggest turn of to a man. a woman does not have to kiss a guys ass to keep him around. she just needs have to respect for him and let us be a man and she will be a women, how it is suppose to be and no man would ever leave her,and she probably does that. american women in other hand is a plain bitch. you can laugh but every passing day less and less men want american women because of your disrespect to a man, and more and more men in america is turning to east in general to find a wife, while you will be only used for sex and that is it and it is not mans fault why this is happening right now to you. you don't want to take our advices that would make your lives better and lot more nicer. but no you want to be a man and the women in relationship well you got your wish soon you will be man and the women in your life because nobody will want to be with you soon