Tuesday, October 11, 2011

America is a sick feminist fantasy dreamworld

Larry in Connecticut writes:

In general, the image of the typical American is not so good around the world but what people think of real American women (not the ones you see on TV) is kind of sad.
I feel sorry for Western, particularly white North American (and to a lessor extent Australian/New Zealand) women living in Asia. They definitely have it the worst.
Black American women always get attention as there's always tons of men and women, locals or foreigners, with that type of fetish. And European women on average hold their own in terms of appearance and fashion against the average Asian womon, so I've rarely heard EU women complaining about long-term lonliness. But the average white North American female living or vacationing in Asia is more or less SOL. Truth be told, they are the last type of women most guys are looking at in a crowded room. But let's face it, you can't go to these countries where beauty and fashion is a key part of the daily male and female routine, and expect to get noticed wearing your backpack, baggy jeans, and sneakers/sandals. Women have conveniently forgotten that human males and females are just animals. Just like peacocks and penguins, men do all types of song and dance to win over the female's affection. For some reason, today's women think they are above partaking in this song and dance, which is why they end up fourty-something and alone. Play the game, be brilliant, be attractive, be worth winning over. Even the ugly guys that you see with the beautiful Asian girls do their song and dance. Women like to fools themselves into believing that all Asian girls are keep whores who give it up to the first J.I. Joe that buys them a drink, but that really not the case. The guys put on their charms, play the game, and get the reward. North American women need to stop thinking they are above the game.