Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mark is right on, man!

Mark in Texas writes:

Personally I don't mind women who are fiesty. I find girls with intelligence a serious turn on. However, I don't find women who think wearing a size 16 is attractive and ones who have tattoos all over their bodies as something I would go for. In fact, if you make your own money, that's fantastic - I still am willing to be chivalrous and pay for dates and stuff, but I'm damned if I am going to go shopping with you while you buy stuff you can't afford and then look to me like I am your pocketbook. Go to craigslist for example - I have never seen so many golddigging whores in my entire life. It's scary. You have every right to be independent, but if you want someone like me to be interested in you, you need to fit what I see attractive in a woman - and frankly I don't see it in most of the American women out there.