Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feminism has made people very unhappy in America

Kevin from USA writes:

American women have turned into fat pigs seriously deficient in sophisticated style or elegance. On top of that they display loud arrogant behavior that would make a drunk sailor cringe in disgust. American women have no idea what sexy is and what true ladylike behavior comprises..

The truth is you cannot tell the truth about anything or anyone anymore in America, ESPECIALLY about gender and race. The gender roles have been upset by feminism, and it really makes both sexes very unhappy. I would say that the majority of American women are unattractive because of their feminist beliefs and because of the crap coming out of the idiot box. We are trained to believe that money is the end all be all of existence, or how well you can fit into one of the precribed molds the media presents. Either you are a career woman, party slut or a hippie/feminist/lesbian. The first are unhappy because they are acting unnaturally, as are the second group. The latter are the angriest most unhappy people alive, because they have to live up to the image they ahve created in their own mind that they are always right, reality be damned. In addition most American women have unrealistic standards, don't know how to just have a good time, or even tone down their extreme mindset. Almost every date I have been on recently, the woman will turn the conversation into a pissing match about my job versus hers. Not attractive and for people who say they love to talk, they are horrid conversationalists. I have met women from Russian and Spain, Poland and Austrailia who are not psychopaths like American woman, and who can talk like adults (and yes they have jobs too) on a variety of subjects. But American women don't like the truth, and what they like less is an American man escaping their disparaging insults and just saying this bullshit doesn't matter and finding a good woman overseas. A man like that is called a homo, a loser, an asshole because he actually wants to be happy and be loved instead of having a life of being hated and insulted by women he commits to who have a far greater chance of cheating on him and taking him for everything he has worked for just for the 'pleasure' of her presence, flaccid body, worn out equipment which most likely two dozen men have utilized before you even met her. In the end it doesn't matter how cruel you are to American women, or how mean, because that is all they know, how they are themselves, and that is what is attractive to them. American women don't like the truth or being adults, as they have been spoiled, and brainwashed into thinking they are all princesses and deserve the benefits of same.