Wednesday, September 21, 2011

American women are rotten on the inside

Edward in Kentucky writes:

The problem with American women isn't their looks. Plenty of beautiful American women. However what's on the inside is rotten to the core. American women are miserable human beings for the most part. They all have problems, and all are attracted to drama. If there isn't any drama, don't worry, they'll create it. Psycho is an adequate word to describe most American women. Plus they all want to know what you're going to buy them or do for them. It's all about them. I swore off American women years ago. I only date women from other countries. Right now I'm dating a Japanese woman. She's smart (the Controller of the company she works for), classy, feminine and genuinely happy, something that can't be said of American women. What I don't get is why American women think they're such a great catch and that men should be grateful to be with them (and any man who can't is automatically labeled a wimp). Are you kidding me! Ladies not only are you not a catch, but you're throw away material. Great for a screw, but long term relationship, forget it!