Tuesday, August 23, 2011

White American and Canadian women should be boycotted

John from Los Angeles wrote:

So it's great for a poor woman to look for a rich guy and you are saying that rich women won't go for poor guys? That's some fuggin double-standard you have in your trashy low-class ignorant mind. Hmmm, you must have grown up in a barrio or a project of some sort. Yes, most American women are disgusting inside and out.

the criticisms of american women are richly deserved - but canadian women are even worse (I'm talking about the white females). Essentially, these women think they are better than both men and all other women on earth; they are more enlightened, more talented, more ethical, and more beautiful than the rest of us mere mortals. The tragedy for them, however, is that they aren't any of those things: many of the stupidest women i have ever met were white females from North America and their values and physical appearance leave plenty to be desired. Truth is, white north american females are really like the old Ford clunkers our grand-parents used to buy: they are unreliable, expensive, rather grotesque, and dangerously unpredictable. white women are truly pigs; is it not possible that we can expedite the caliphate so that they get the come-uppance they richly deserve? For half a century they have declared war on children, the unborn and on men; it is only right that these unprincipled individuals get what's coming to them. Ask any man who was stupid enough to marry one of these pigs and you'll see exactly where I'm coming from. they have emotional problems, are deviants, amoral and just flat-out nasty; plus, they really are overweight, smelly and ill-mannered (it's not a stereotype: it's all true). I can't think of another large group in the contemporary world that treats other people so shabbily; none of the latin american women I talk to or the African women I date have anything good to say about them because they hate their racism, their intolerance, and their inauthentic, contrived self-righteousness. Only losers marry white females. the tragedy for american women is that they've bitched their way right out of the marketplace: men are tired of them, of their ethical lapses, of their childishness, churlishness and of their all-around bs; men want something better and the rest of the world offers that. bye, bye, whiney-vagineys; the jig is up and men are looking elsewhere for real. By the way, the great thing about it is that american women aren't sought-after by other men: latin men only want white women in this country because its a fast-track to citizenship; believe me, they all say they can find a lot better at home but they use the white female pig (the sows) like the sows use others.