Friday, August 5, 2011

Matthew says American women are sluts

Matthew in USA writes:

Virgins are looked down upon in America. I know that from personal experience. Most American women want men that have had sex with millions of women, yet the same stupid women complains about men cheating on them. That's a stupid hooker's mentality. The truth is, most women in America getting married for the first time are not virgins. When women wed, most have had sex with millions of men, and their husband are getting leftover. The sounds like a slut to me!

I agree American women are sluts.....look at all those women who are having premarital sex and they are Church going women. So if the Church going women are having out of wedlock births then you know the rest of the women are giving it up. If you ask me, you can't turn the average American women into a respectable human!