Sunday, August 7, 2011

Canada male thinks American women are whores

Steven in Canada writes:

My repulsion for a lot of American women is mainly because of their promiscuousness -- that is what I was saying in my first post. Before the average American woman reaches the age of 25, she has had sex with multiply guys tons of times. Now, that is disgusting, and, yes, I’m singling out American women because immigrant women aren’t like this, from what I observe.

Actually American chicks are sluts. I came to the US on a student visa and noticed a big different over my country(Spain). Here, it seams parents dont give a sh1t what their kids are doing or where they are. I had friends here in the us that lost their virginity as young a 11. Many american parents even have their young daughters/son's partners in their house like it's second nature. They even let them hang in their bedrooms. If I were to try to slip a foot into my girl's house her dad would kill me. In the US, my first girlfriend I had fully exposed herself to me after only a few days and we were having relations in less than a week. In spain, I had to ask for permission to even date my lady and didn't receive a kiss till a few months after dating.