Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another American man happily married to an Asian woman

Robert from San Diego says:

I find American women (on average) pretty repulsive, physically and otherwise. I am in a relationship with a Braizlian girl and I would never date an american girl, not for a million bucks (I would for a citizenship, but I don't need it :)

Is it no surprise that these rich and successful men are going Asian (or Latin or Eastern Euro)? I'm married to a lovely Asian lady who works full time. But at the end of the day, I come home to a clean house, a well cooked meal and a quiet, relaxing and loving environment. Maybe I am a picky guy, but all I desire is a slender (34B-24-34), sexy, nice, quiet, smart, undemanding and non-challenging wife. I don't want a slave nor do I want a pushover for my spouse. These days, this combination is almost impossible to find but I lucked out. Life is too stressful as it is already without sharing your life with a ball breaker aka uber liberated American woman. I'll pass thanks.....hand me the foreign babe please! It's VERY easy for me to understand why Asian ladies are the new trophy wives.