Monday, August 15, 2011

Andrew says American women are basically useless

Andrew in Portland writes:

I have successful single friends who are terribly out of shape and go through the most beautiful women regularly. I also have in shape single friends who are frugal and have no luck with women. Here is my point from this example and my own experience. It is the ultimate Greed that drives the modern American woman. It's just like Chris Rock joked about, it's all about her; "Fuck your hopes, fuck your dreams, what can I do to keep this bitch happy?". She gets what she wants. What do American women offer besides sex? After marriage that and their looks usually fade. As far as the modern American woman, most can't cook, most won't clean, most say they don't want to work after giving birth. After a hard day of work, the man doesn't get his back rubbed, he gets punished/yelled at coming through the door (the more time goes by the worse it gets). This is the norm. I know it sounds familiar. Yet, what does the man have to do, or rather have to own? It's all about, how much money do you make? What kind of car do you drive? How nice is the place your taking me? When are we going on a vacation your paying for? Do your parents have money? What kind of house will you buy for me? How expensive is my engagement ring? Even in sex, the modern American woman's greed will demand she be taken care of and to hell with getting yours. Why even settle for one lover? American women are also the most promiscuous in the world. Don't leave home for too long... Finally, as modern rivals within most careers, just being a woman they demand more money whether they are qualified for the job or not. Their Greed keeps a victim mentality going strong be it at work or not. Truly most are both ugly inside and out, be it sooner or later.