Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tiger Woods boycotted American women

Joseph in Missouri:

The point is Tiger Woods chose a beautiful Sweedish model over an American woman. He could have had his choice of any woman in the world, why not choose an American woman like yourself? Probably because most of you are a bunch of delusional, angry, pychos would be my guess? American men are side stepping American women? More like running these days:) This is the attitude of an american woman. My best friend has been married for 26 years to the same woman. He took care of her, bought a house, bought her cars, etc etc etc. Last year he got hurt on the job, and gets disability. This ball busting, scum sucking bitch starts complaining to him about not having enough money, and left him. I am married a great belarusian, and he wanted the same. I introduced him to one of my wife's old friends in Belarus. They hit it off right away, and are doing real good. His words, I have heard from so many men. "I will never, ever marry an american woman again". I said these same words. Thousands of American men are learning how manipulative, and evil an american woman can be, and are just damn sick of it. At the rate it is going the American woman will live alone, while every American men will be happily married. In the next 20 years years single men will have ass galore.