Sunday, June 19, 2011

American women living in Asia are single and miserable

Tyler Durden from Chicago says:

American women are like spoiled children. They are self-focused, insecure and irrational. They crave drama and games. They demand constant attention, reassurance, and above all, power in relationships. And, like children, who ceaselessly push limits to see just how much they can get away with from their parents, American women relentlessly test men. Go to any Asian country and you will see the difference between the American women's dating life and American men's dating life. It pisses you off that WHITE AMERICAN MEN are wanted by asian women so you come up with every excuse in the book. "They can't get quality American women," "they just want the green card," "my gf told me this was so." It's obvious that you can't handle that asian women are attracted to WHITE MEN and this pisses you off to no end. On the other hand, many American/Western women living in Asia are single, can't get a date, can't find a man, and are totally miserable. I have no idea how many of the Forbes 500 are married to American women. But I can guarantee you that very few foreign billionaries, and other men throughtout the world who have money want to, or are married to American women. If you compare wealthy American men who are married to foreign brides, to the rest of the men in the entire world who have wealth and are married to American women, you will finally realise that no foreign man, rich or not, wants to end up with a nightmare like an American woman. There is and never will be any great demand by men outside of the U.S. to marry or have anything other than easy sex with American broads. No one wants you, and the only reason you are able to get laid here is because men have no choice but to sleep with women like yourself. It's basically skanky, sort of skanky, bitchy, angry, or really skanky. What a choice we have.