Thursday, May 19, 2011

Divorce courts in America favor women

Jacob from America says:

Rarely do wealthy men outside of the USA look to marry or date American women. Quite often these days wealthy American men are looking to date overseas. So, I'm not sure how you figure American women have more options. You are confined to the States, and your chances of ever snagging a wealthy European I would put at about 0.0000000000001%.

Survial of the fittest? Women have become experts at filing discrimination lawsuits in this country. Most disputes between women and men are now settled in a court of law that favors women. I would hardly call that survival of the fittest. Women need the American government to set up laws that favor them. So anytime they feel they have been wronged they can just run to big daddy, and more times than not they end up the winner. Hardly survival of the fittest.