Friday, January 21, 2011

Patrick: Women in foreign countries are better than American women

Patrick, in USA:

And you know, I think this is very acute with pretty American women, of all races. The prettier, the more they tend to be self aggrandizing proto-bitches with a sense of entitlement. So I gues there ARE American women who are kind, compassionate, not high maintenance, etc. But they tend to be unattractive or over weight. Sorry, I do not want large Marge. I want a trim, height weight proportionate woman.

I am an amateur athlete, btw. I can attract women. I just don't want most of them! And I can go to Belize or Costa Rica and find a beautiful woman who has everything I am looking for. But I am not there...YET.

Funny the negative comments seem to be about penis size, not the reality of the situation. When did it become acceptable to belittle a man, but not women? Why is it wrong to belittle women, but ok to belittle men???????

Comments like this pretty much define the US woman. She sees everything as having to be a fight with a man. Completely incapable of any sort of femininity, as that would, in her warped view of the world, mean she was "a spineless doormat". They have morphed into something neither feminine nor masculine, all the while going on and on about how great they are. As the OP stated somewhere, no man aspires to marry a US female. It's just too toxic. There are some great women out there, but not in the US.