Monday, January 17, 2011

American women are very unpopular in India

Raja, an Indian man living in America, from India: in India we never dream of an american women. American women are highly materialistic. They just want money. Even if I become President of US of America (which is not possible, but lets just assume) I would (not even in my wildest dreams ) never marry any american woman. They simply are not feminine. They dont know how to be sweet and respect others. American laws are heavily in favour of women and women take advantage of it. family structure is already totally broken in USA. Values morals are practically absent, Now I wonder 2 3 generations down the line what kind of people would be there in USA. This generation is totally spoiled, they cant teach anything to the next generation, which means the next one would be worse than the present, and the next to that @#$^%#%. Family, values, traditions, morals important but it seems that people are not at all ready to listen to the religion. The only way is then to against all these values and get screwed up, then and then only people will realize that our forefathers were right. The only thing I am worried about is because of media and all these globalization even women in India are getting out of control (very small % of them). but i think 2 3 generations down the line USA would be totally fucked up and this live example will make Indians and other eastern countries learn a lesson!!!